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Brassband De Wâldsang

Brass Band De Wâldsang has it roots and its pride in Friesland, the Northern part of The Netherlands. Although The Netherlands have a rich tradition of wind- and fanfare bands, brass bands are a relatively new phenomenon. In the 1970’s quite a lot of fanfare-bands were converted to brass bands in the sparsely populated areas of Friesland. The reason was as simple as clever: a brass band requires less musicians than a wind- or fanfareband to form a well balanced ensemble!

In 1977 a couple of enthousiastic music students formed their own brass band and called it De Wâldsang, an old Frysian name meaning ‘the sound of the forest’. Their aim was to excel and they succeeded: De Wâldsang was one of the first Dutch bands to play on the highest level. It has won the most national titles of all Dutch bands since the first National Championships in 1982: 15 to be exact.

In the 40 years of the bands existence, many generations of talented players contributed to the warm sound De Wâldsang is known for. The band is highly valued at stages all over Europe and has an interesting annual schedule, with a mixture of concerts, performances with other ensembles, TV- and CD-recordings and, of course, national and international festivals and contests.

Longtime director of the band is Rieks van der Velde, who also works as a composer and member of international jury’s.

De Wâldsang is very glad that it can show its abilities in its own country and is proud that it acts as the ambassador of Dutch brass band playing!

Conductor: mr. Rieks van der Velde
Founded: 1977
Times competing in EBBC: 20
Times winning EBBC: –
Best ranking in EBBC: 3
Times national Champion: 15
Website: www.dewaldsang.nl

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