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European Youth Brass Band

36 young brass players aged between 18 and 22, from 16 different countries, formed the European Youth Brass Band 2018. They came together from 28th April till 6th May for rehearsals and concerts under the baton of the distinguished conductor Ivan Meylemans.

European Youth Brass Band 2018 (credits Goldy Solutions)
credits: Goldy Solutions

Wednesday 2nd May: Akoesticum Ede, evening concert
Thursday 3rd May: concert during the Final of the European Soloist Competition
Friday 4th May: Opening ceremony of the EBBC 2018 at the Town Hall of Utrecht
Saturday 5th May: participating in the Gala Concert
Sunday 6th May: Farewell concert

Band members
Soprano – Antoine Saintes, France
Cornet – Tanja Altena, Netherlands
Cornet – Emily Birrer, Switzerland
Cornet – Bethany Moore, England
Cornet – Catrin Nicholas, Wales
Cornet – Giuseppe Calanni Macchio, Italy
Cornet – Christian Jongepier, the Netherlands
Cornet – Clemens Preining, Austria
Cornet – Isabel Voigt, Germany
Cornet – Storm Robertson, Scotland
Cornet – Kyle Fitzsimmons, Scotland
Cornet – Andrius Stankevičius, Lithuania
Cornet – Ingri Grov, Norway
Cornet – Kristian Aslak B. Carstensen, Norway
Cornet – Chloe Eagleson, Northern Ireland
Flugelhorn – Anna Kuipers, Netherlands
Tenor horn – Iona McVicar, Scotland
Tenor horn – Elise M Røren, Norway
Tenor horn – Zoe Wright, England
Baritone – Jérôme Ghitti, Switzerland
Baritone – Louisa Maria Christensen, Denmark
Tenor Trombone – Jérémy Favre, Switzerland
Tenor Trombone – Enrico Meucci, Italy
Tenor trombone – Drik Vanmanshoven, Belgium
Bass Trombone – Lukas Stelzhammer, Austria
Euphonium – Amber Snip, Netherlands
Euphonium – Samuele Traficante, Italy
EEb Bass – Rob Allen, England
EEb Bass – Nicholas Smith, Wales
BBb Bass – Gediminas Norvilas, Lithuania
BBb Bass – Ken Van Hoylandt, Belgium
Percussion – Sebina Weich, Germany
Percussion – Joachim Simoens, Belgium
Percussion – Cathryn Lynch, Northern Ireland
Percussion – Jonas Tilsted Hansen, Denmark
Percussion – Jakob Aurell, Sweden

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