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Meet the band: Göta Brass Band

Let’s get to know the Göta Brass Band from Sweden a little bit better. Time for a little interview.

When was your band founded?
February 2015.

How many times did you compete in EBBC?
This is the first time we compete.

How many times did you win EBBC?

What was your best ranking in EBBC?
Haven’t got one yet.

What is the age of your youngest band member?
Our youngest band member is 18 years old.

What is the age of your eldest band member?
Our eldest band member is 53 years old.

How many times have you been national champion?
One time, we got our first victory in November 2017!

What will be the most exceptional thing about your programme?
The sheer commitment from the band and our great own choice!

Is there anything you would like the Dutch audience to know?
Several of the band’s members are members of The Swedish Brass Vikings. We hope that the Dutch audience wants to return the favour by cheering for us wearing Viking helmets!

Göta Brass Band - EBBC2018

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