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Meet the band: Brass Band “Aukštyn”

Lithuania is competing with two brass bands. One of them is Brass Band Aukštyn. “Aukštyn” means “up” in Lithuanian. What else can we learn about this young and dynamic orchestra?

When was your band founded?

How many times did you compete in EBBC?

How many times did you win EBBC?

What was your best ranking in EBBC?

What is the age of your youngest band member?

What is the age of your eldest band member?

What will be the most exceptional thing about your programme?
We are here to enjoy ourselves and make a great show for the audience.

Is there anything you would like the audience to know?
Our brass band was founded with the help of our friends and parters from the Netherlends, especially Piet Visser, who is joining us as our conductor for the competition.

Brass Band Aukštyn - EBBC2018


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