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Meet the band: Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band

The Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band provides the youngest ánd the eldest musician in the EBBC. Who are these talented people from Northern Ireland? Let’s ask the band some questions.

Since when does your band exist?
In 1908, the band was founded and made up of men from the local area along Belfast’s iconic River Lagan.

How many times have you competed in the EBBC?
This will be Laganvale Metal Tecnology’s 4th appearance in the EBBC, after first appearing in 1996 when the competition was held in Bergen, Norway.

Best ranking in the EBBC
In 2006 the band achieved 3rd place in the Challenge section when the contest was held in our home city of Belfast. This was followed up with the same result in Birmingham the following year.

Youngest Member
Daniel Sharpe (aged 15) is the youngest member of the band, and having just achieved his Grade 8 distinction on the Tenor Horn, he is without a doubt one of the stars of Northern Ireland Banding. We are very fortunate to have Daniel in our band as both an accomplished soloist and vital member of the horn section.

Eldest Member
Ian Power (age 72) is the rock of the Bb bass section. Ian has spent his life in dedication to the Salvation Army and is an active member of his corps in Lurgan. Ian is a constant support to the younger members of the band and rarely misses a rehearsal attendance.

National Champions
Laganvale Metal Technology have been national champions 6 times since the year 2000 and 10 times in total. Most recently in October 2016 when we achieved a qualifying place for the EBBC competition in Utrecht 2018.

The Programme
Our own choice piece will feature music influences from across the globe – we hope that this will connect with many people in the crowd on the day!

What should the audience know?
Coming from the heart of Belfast, we look forward to interacting with those we will meet at the contest venue and hope that we can leave a smile on the faces of those we meet in Utrecht. For a lot of the band, this will be their first time competing in the EBBC and will also be our Conductor’s first time in front of a band in this competition. We would also like to publicly thank our generous sponsor Brian McKnight, from whom we get our name “Metal Technology”, for his continued support to the band.’

Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band

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