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Set test pieces Championship and Challenge section

The two set test pieces for EBBC2018 are Time for Ourage! by Marco Pütz and Mystic Echoes by Hendrik de Boer.

Championship section
The set test piece of the Championship section is written by the Luxembourg composer Marco Pütz. His much-admired work Time for Outrage! was originally composed for the Luxembourg Military Band three years ago. Pütz describes it as ‘an expression of my personal aversion against all the current crises and injustice of any kind in the world. I am aware that I cannot alleviate or even eradicate these crises with my music, but as a free citizen I believe I have the right to express my indignation through music’.

Tim for Outrage!
Time for Outrage! is in three movements, beginning slowly with Breaking Silence, and gathering pace in Troubled and drama in Rock the Culprits! The English composer and editor Paul McGhee prepared the brass band edition for the Championship.

Challenge section
The composer of the Challenge Section set test is Hendrik de Boer. An experienced brass band musician, he was principal euphonium of Soli Brass for ten years (2003 – 2013), and since 2015 has fulfilled the solo baritone role for Brassband De Wâldsang. He also plays euphonium in the Fanfare Orchestra of the National Reserve and is a busy conductor and teacher of wind and brass. In recent years Hendrik de Boer has also been involved in making a number of high-profile arrangements for brass band and is now also increasingly active as a composer.

Mystic Echoes
He has entitled his test-piece Mystic Echoes as the music is derived from a so called ‘Mystic’ or ‘Prometheus’ chord, created by the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin (1871 – 1915) and upon which much of his later music is founded. Hendrik de Boer flavours Mystic Echoes with the harmonic characteristics of the six-note chord – perfect fourths and their more ambiguous augmented and diminished ‘relatives’.

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